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Do you suffer from psychological difficulties or need help with personal growth?

Have you had an accident and need help to get back on your feet?

Would you love to recover from your psychological problems rather than just learn how to manage them?

If so, would you like to find out about the help that is available to you?

I am a clinical psychologist and psychotherapist with 20 years’ professional experience working in London in NHS settings and in private practice.

I specialise in assessments, diagnosis and treatment for clients suffering from trauma; anxiety disorders; depression and chronic pain resulting from traumatic events.

I also have in-depth knowledge of and experience in working with clients suffering from other Psychological Problems.

Using a variety of the most effective, scientifically proven, psychological techniques and approaches to obtain the best and fastest results I offer therapy in English and Polish languages and work within the HCPC and the BPS Codes of Conduct.

If you want to find out whether I will be able to help you please Contact Me now.


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