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The Intelligence Of The Heart

For over three decades hundreds of scientists, including Howard Martin from the HeartMathInstitute, have conducted research in the area of heart intelligence.

So, what is heart intelligence and what role does it play in our lives?

It has been described in many ways and called “intuition”, “inner voice” or a higher level of awareness that arises from the heart. When we follow our heart intelligence we feel connected, we are in a state of harmony and flow. We have a feeling of “being in the zone”.

In this video Howard Martin talks about scientific research regarding heart intelligence and patterns of coherence and incoherence, which are created by our thoughts and emotions. When our hearts and minds are working together we create the pattern of coherence and synergy between them. When this happens we have the ability to generate and magnetize our own fulfilment.

The patterns of coherence or incoherence are represented in our own electromagnetic fields and can possibly influence the global geomagnetic field:
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