Clinical Psychologist and Psychotherapist

Energy psychology

Energy Psychology(EP) is the name for a broad range of psychological treatments that utilise the human energy system.

EP is based on the belief that painful physical and emotional symptoms are the result of a disruption in the energy system. Correcting the disruption restores the body’s balance and natural ability to heal itself.

EP techniques can bring about almost immediate relief from distressing emotions and can be very effective in treating most anxiety disorders, as well as many of the most common emotional difficulties of everyday life.

According to psychological research EP has been found to be more effective than other psychological approaches in the treatment of anxiety disorders, including the treatment of physiological hyperarousal found in PTSD,  and many of the most common emotional difficulties of everyday life, such as inappropriate anger, excessive feelings of guilt, shame, grief, jealousy, rejection and isolation.

There is also proof that combining EP with more conventional approaches such as CBT or EMDR provides much more rapid outcome than conventional approaches. In addition it has been shown to be effective in reduction of chronic pain.

In my practice I combine more conventional psychological treatment methods with EP approaches to provide greater flexibility and effectiveness in the treatment of various issues, especially with those clients who have not responded to conventional treatments.